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DAF Trucks N.V.

One out of every three sold trucks in the Netherlands is produced at DAF Trucks in Eindhoven. However, DAF is also a major player beyond the Dutch borders and even one of the most successful truck manufacturers in Europe.

A real high-tech company
DAF Trucks is established in 1928 and has always been a company leading the industry with technology and high tech products. Take for example, the “Predictive Cruise Control”, which takes approaching hills and downhills into account, based on the GPS location of the truck.  In the production facilities, product development and the IT department of DAF, state of the art technologies are developed and implemented in the trucks. Because of this state of the art technology DAF is capable of building trucks that achieve maximum performance at the lowest cost per kilometer. Every day of the week.

Built in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Brazil
DAF manufactures its trucks in ultramodern production facilities around the world. There are production plants in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Westerlo (Belgium), Leyland (United Kingdom) and Ponta Grossa (Brazil). At DAF employees are working according to the “Paccar Production System”. This means: quality first and staff who is keen on continuously improving processes. DAF produces “build to order”. All of the produced trucks have different details and are adapted to the specific requirements of the client. Not one of the vehicles is the same.

A global R&D department
The Research and Development department of DAF has a rock solid position in the top 10 of Dutch companies. Currently, over 900 dedicated engineers are working at DAF Eindhoven. They share the responsibility for the development of the truck of tomorrow. They do not only have the most advanced tools and CAD-CAM-systems, but they also have advanced noise measurement tools and one of the most modern engine test centers at their disposition. Therefore, it is no wonder that within the parent company PACCAR, DAF is called “Center of Excellence” in the field of engine development. The DAF engines find their way to trucks in Europe, North America and far beyond.

Leading in efficiency and performance by innovation
Because of the new and strict Euro 6 emission regulations, DAF introduced a completely new generation of trucks. New engines packed with advanced, but proven technologies. A new and attractive design, both from the outside and from the inside. With this focus on continuous improvement and technology DAF trucks will remain the industry leader in efficiency, performance and driver comfort. A perfect base for further growth.

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