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Brainport Eindhoven

Home of Pioneers

In Brainport Eindhoven we change the world. Here we work on key technologies that change our society. Today and in the future. Think of a car that runs on solar energy, sensors that monitor and improve your health or a new generation of clean and sustainable batteries that have an unprecedented storage capacity.

Brainport is home to pioneers with all kinds of backgrounds, nationalities, knowledge and skills. Pioneers who are thinkers, doers and makers and achieve unique results when they work together. Nowhere in the world will you find so much innovative power as here. The number of patents that are filed in Brainport annually is unequalled.
Brainport Eindhoven is a region, but perhaps above all a gathering place of the same type of people who find each other in an ecosystem in which they can excel.

Characteristic for Brainport is a strong high-tech manufacturing industry, a special designsector and a unique way of working together. The region consists of 21 municipalities and has many campuses, field labs and innovation hubs. Every day, companies, educational and knowledge institutes and governments work together within this ecosystem, so that chain cooperation, open innovation and alliances are shaped successfully.

The Brainport Foundation and the economic development company Brainport Development strengthen this collaboration. They bundle shared interests in a joint agenda and support it. The central questions are: In which agenda do we all recognize ourselves? How can we turn one plus one into three? How do we start new initiatives? And which tasks are so comprehensive that we can achieve more together than alone?

In order to enforce and extend the innovative strength and resilience of the region, the Brainport Agenda is aimed at stimulating and accelerating the development, application and marketing of promising technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and integrated photonics for important markets as health, energy, mobility, food and security. In addition, it is very important to Brainport that sufficient well-qualified talent is available and that the living and business climate in the region is attractive.

Dutch Technology Festival brings Brainport Eindhoven to life for a wide audience. Companies, governments and knowledge institutes work together on a festival full of technological surprises. There is no better chance to get to know Brainport and its unique high-tech industry. Students, professionals, children, young people, local residents, parents; everyone can see, feel and experience how promising and challenging it is to work on technological solutions that change the world during Dutch Technology Festival. And how important entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, creativity and brainpower are for this sector. No wonder that Brainport Development has been a proud partner of Dutch Technology Festival for many years. Feel the pride and be amazed!

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