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Growing a better world together. That is Rabobank’s cooperative mission. Together with our customers, members and partners, we are committed to a stronger living environment and to the great social challenges of today. Our guiding principle is that we achieve more together than alone. We do this internationally, nationally and regionally. So also here, in the Brainport region.

Brainport has a huge attraction for companies and knowledge workers. This is good news for everyone who lives and works here. On the other hand, there is a challenge to ensure that this thriving region is also future-proof. For instance, investments must be made in the further economic growth of the Brainport region and in a more vital living environment. As a committed local bank, Rabobank is happy to take up this challenge. We encourage clients to do sustainable and circular business, save or generate energy, innovate and digitize, and build sustainably. We also help startups and scale-ups to realize their ambitions. Startups & scale-ups contribute significantly to the solutions of societal challenges and are an important growth engine for the economy and employment. Our bank welcomes all these innovations and helps innovative entrepreneurs to grow future-proof. We also support initiatives that help Brainport to develop further. Such as Dutch Technology Festival.

Dutch Technology Festival Platinum Partner
In recent years, Dutch Technology Festival has developed into the tech event of the Netherlands. In addition to students and professionals, Dutch Technology Festival also attracts many young people and their parents. Here they come into contact with the wonderful world of the Dutch high-tech sector and business for the first time. And that is incredibly important. Because let there be one of the biggest challenges for this region: finding sufficient skilled workers. At Rabobank, we prefer to speak of golden hands and golden heads. We devise and create. It is ultimately these young people who will determine how the Brainport region develops in the coming decades.

Nurturing, educating and attracting technical talent is necessary for a region to maintain its leading global position. Sharing successes, creating pride and awareness should attract more talent to the high-tech sector. Dutch Technology Festival does just that with its inspiring program. By committing ourselves as Rabobank to Dutch Technology Festival, we want to contribute to the objectives of Dutch Technology Festival and the further growth of the high-tech sector in this region.

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