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AAE: Pushing Technical Boundaries
We are AAE; leading edge, innovative and high-tech. Since its foundation in 1976 until now, AAE has grown into the advanced high-tech family owned machine manufacturer we are today. Sounds good? Good! But what do we actually do? Well, we supply manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, plastics, semiconductor, solar and food industry.

Our people make the difference
For example, our high-tech solutions are contributing to improved healthcare, playful learning and the technology that enables you to read this very text on your (mobile) device. In short: our team of craftsmen and professionals are continually pushing the boundaries of technology in order to make the world a better place!

Proud to be part of something great
Over the years we’ve been heavily involved in various educational programs, educational facilities and fields of study within the Brainport area. We strongly believe all students and scholars should get the opportunity to experience, learn and gain practical knowledge within numerous technical fields. Our close collaboration with Dutch Technology Festival is a part of our passion to make young people enthusiastic and interested in the world of technology. That’s exactly why we’re extremely proud to be part of this higher purpose.

Welcome to AAE! Are you ready to push technological boundaries? Join us on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages (@AAE bv) for regular updates.
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