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Huijbregts Groep

“You know us better than you think”
There’s a big chance that you will have eaten something that has been processed in our factory, because 80% of meals eaten in the Netherlands contain powder ingredients that have been mixed by us. Globally, 1.2 billion people a week eat something containing a product that came from our factory.
Huijbregts Groep blends powder ingredients for the food industry. In the 85 years since our inception, we have elevated this process to such a high standard, that Huijbregts belongs among the global leaders.
Priorities such as customer focus, flexibility and process efficiency have allowed us to distinguish ourselves in terms of innovation, process engineering and automation. And we’re proud of it!
That pride is visible in our employees. We work hard, but a sense of humour on the shop floor is a must. We are friendly, the atmosphere is informal and we treat one another with respect. The Huijbregts Groep is also a social employer that considers the individual and gives employees the care they deserve.

Huijbregts Innovation Centre (HIC)
Huijbregts Groep spends a lot of time and money on innovation. It is no coincidence that the company is among the world leaders in the field of mixing ever-changing powder mixtures. The technology used is unique, specifically designed to optimize the work processes in the company.
To support the innovation process, the Huijbregts Innovation Centre (HIC) has been established. In the HIC knowledge transfer between education and industry but also between supplier and customer is stimulated

Partner Dutch Technology Festival
Since the establishment of Dutch Technology Festival, we have been able to make our contribution as a partner. We find it important to introduce children and young people to food and technology in a fun way. The festival is extremely suitable for this. During Dutch Technology Festival we participate in various activities. For example, the HighTech Ontdekkingsroute.

Young people can get to know us and our company throughout the year. We work together with education in the Brainport region in various ways. For the highest classes of primary education we have developed an interactive tour together with a teacher from primary education. The tour remains fascinating from start to finish. Students from secondary education, MBO and HBO are also welcome to come and meet our company. The possibilities for this are diverse. Together with schools we organize -interactive- tours, assignments or internships. We think it is important to give young people a chance and to give them a look behind the scenes. Based on their experiences in our company – and those of other companies – they can make a well-considered choice for their profile or field of study.

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