saturday June 8, 2024 #HTOR
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Saturday, June 8
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Bedrijventerrein Acht – De Schakel 2 & 22
5651 GH Eindhoven

VDL ETG & Thermo Fisher Scientific

On Saturday, June 8th, VDL ETG will open its doors at De Schakel 22 (business park Acht) to introduce the whole family to everything that happens under our roof, from design to production, assembly and final qualification. Young and old are welcome from 10 am to 4 pm!

What will be happening at VDL ETG?

Factory tours

  • View the impressive products assembled in our clean rooms through large windows.
  • Take a look at our Cleaning Centre, where products are cleaned very precisely before entering the cleanroom.
  • Discover the 3D metal printer, which can produce a product from layers of metal powder.
  • Take a look at our impressive machining equipment, which works extremely accurately and which can process products of various sizes.
  • Learn  how various types of metal, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium, are welded with great precision.
  • Enquire about our in-house training to become a metal worker, welder, mechanic.
  • Experience for yourself how we use Virtual Reality and the Hololens in our work.

Kids activities

  • Create rhythms with music and technology on the Mars-chine.
  • Control a soccer robot.
  • Guess what you see under the microscope.
  • Have fun on a bouncing castle.
  • Shoot a ball into one of the holes of a giant inflatable board.
  • Get your face painted in the Cool Aunties’ face painting palace.

We look forward to welcoming you at VDL ETG!

Thermo Fisher Scientific in Eindhoven develops electron microscopes, enabling researchers to make the smallest detail of daily life visible: from the development of smaller, faster computers to chemical sensors, more accurate medicines, clean energy solutions, high-quality materials, water filters and more.

Experience everything about electron microscopy developments and what they mean for humanity! This year we celebrate 75 years of electron microscopy in Eindhoven. Will you visit us on June 8 between 10am and 4am?

What’s on the program at Thermo Fisher?

  • Listen to a lecture and learn what our microscopes, proteins, Alzheimer’s, cell phones and bridges have to do with each other.
  • Put on special cleanroom overalls and take a look at the cleanroom (a sterile space) for yourself and see how our electron microscopes are built.
  • Visit our “microscopy showroom” the NanoPort, the center where users get first-hand experience with our electron microscopes.
  • Follow a demonstration in our EM University on our top-class transmission microscopes or look at a flower or fly on our table model scanning microscopes.
  • Take a look at our Research & Development department and learn about recent and future developments.
  • Talk to our colleagues and learn all about our culture, for example how we involve everyone and why we were recently included in the list of most innovative companies in the world.
  • Celebrate 75 years of electron microscopy with the life music of our Thermo Fisher house band.

TECHNOLOGY IS FUN! While visiting our premise, you will experience the fun part of technology with workshops and demonstrations:

  • Learn fun facts about our Electron Microscope via the scavenger hunt.
  • Can you guess what you see? Is it a fly, a moth, or a battery image taken under an electron microscope?
  • Have you ever seen how a marshmallow gets bigger with vacuum?
  • Do you know how to immediately stop a bell that you hear ringing?
  • Do you reveal hidden stains, traces, and forgeries? Discover yourself and find out why we wear a coverall in our factory.
  • Learn all about ice, and how different temperatures affect the properties of materials.
  • Why does lightning always strike high in the tree? Place your hand on a special ball and find the answer.
  • Let you take a picture at our scientific photo booth?
  • Make your own conductor and discover how electricity works at De Jonge Researchers.
  • Do you want to keep experimenting after today? Meet The Young Researchers, become a member and start playing with an electron microscope, science, electronics, 3D printing, LEGO robotics or more in your free time.

And we will give away great prizes among the winners of the scavenger hunt!

We look forward to meeting you at Thermo Fisher Scientific!

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