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powered by Midpoint-Brabant

TechniekGeniek brings together all of Central Brabant’s terrific technology-related activities. TechniekGeniek is the clubhouse for tech fans and followers in Central Brabant. Let’s celebrate technology together at TechniekGeniek!

TechniekGeniek inspires young people and career switchers to choose to study and/or work in technology. TechniekGeniek demonstrates just how exciting tech-related degrees and/or jobs can be, and is a showcase for the wide range of opportunities in Central Brabant!

Project platform
The TechniekGeniek brand is underpinned by the website: a platform presenting the countless tech-related projects in Central Brabant. TechniekGeniek is also active on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube.

Powered by Midpoint-Brabant
TechniekGeniek is powered by Midpoint-Brabant, which is the leading partnership programme in Central Brabant. Several years ago, in collaboration with higher education, industry and local government, Midpoint-Brabant took the initiative to inspire more people (from young school pupils to mature career switchers) to consider studying and working in technology. That was formalised in the ‘Deltaplan Techniek Midden-Brabant’ plan.

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